Web communication that works

    A successful website is one that has been well thought out and is based on a flexible, technical solution, structured content and texts that capture the reader.

    We help your company reach customers via your website. If you want, we can guide you through the entire process, from idea to launch.

    IKOS publication tool

    Simple and powerful

    IKOS is a simple and powerful web publishing tool that is easy to work with. It is especially suited to people who want to export their web texts for translation. In addition, you can vary the look of your website endlessly.

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    Web Communication

    Successful websites

    Together we can create a website that focuses on the user, regardless of which target group you are appealing to. We can help you find a user-friendly structure and can create texts and a layout together.

    Which languages do your readers speak? With IKOS, you can easily export texts for translation and then publish the translations on your website with just a few extra clicks.

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    Contents and structure

    Clarity as a competitive advantage

    Both users and search engines will find your website more easily if the structure is well thought out and the message is clear.

    You decide what you want help with. Our writers, information experts and language consultants, for example, can review the structure and content of the entire website during the process, proofread texts before publication or help build the structure from the ground up.

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